South Africa is open to all travelers.

South Africa’s borders reopened

South Africa’s borders have reopened for tourists from around the globe with the only requirement being a coronavirus test taken no more than 72 hours before departure to spectacular South Africa.

Health and safety protocols

South Africa’s tourism sector has instituted stringent health and hygiene safety protocols, and the country is ready to welcome guests safely and in comfort to plenty tourism opportunities, world-class services and experiences.

‘… world-class experiences…’

Abundance of outdoor activities

South Africa offers an abundance of outdoor and socially distanced activities for tourists, so it’s a perfect place to consider for your next trip. South Africa is definitely a destination for travellers looking for fresh air and wonderful weather. Tourists from around the world love South Africa, a top holiday destination!

‘…fresh air…’

From its nature reserves, towns, cities, coastlines and cultures, South Africa is an adventure of matchless and thrilling activities that you definitely want to see at least once in your lifetime.

‘… matchless thrilling activities…’

Beautiful natural places

There is many national parks and beautiful natural places to visit, a favorite is the famous Kruger National Park where visitors are sure to see Africa’s Big Five; the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo.

‘… Africa’s Big Five…’


South Africa has many beautiful natural phenomenon, a main attraction is the splendid Table Mountain, and you can view its beauty from afar, hike up with a guide or book a ride in a cable car going up the mountain to admire its diverse flora up close.

‘… natural phenomenon…’

Another beautiful nature reserve that visitors love is the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. The reserve has many rare plant species, walking trails and mountain views.

‘…nature, rare plants and mountain views…’

Great urban lifestyle

South Africa also has a great urban lifestyle, a popular international site for tourists is the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town. The enormous mall is a delight to shoppers from all around the world. There are five-star restaurants, food markets and activities ranging from historical walking tours, boat rides, museums and a splendid aquarium. A day trip that leaves from the waterfront that is definitely worth a visit is Robben Island; it’s an inspiring educational trip that tells the history of the struggles for people’s rights while showcasing natural surrounding beauty.

‘…beauty, museums and aquariums…’

Interesting history

Because South Africa has an interesting and extensive history there are amazing places to visit and learn more about their history. These include the Apartheid Museum which tells the story of 20th Century South Africa and the now-defunct apartheid system. There’s also The Mandela House, a restored dwelling of the famous South African leader.

There are so many more museums and historical sites that tell South Africa’s story these include The Castle of Good Hope, an expansive and colonial 17th century castle that is now a provincial heritage site. There’s the Cango Caves, a historical network of caves with large mineral formations. There’s also the Voortrekker Monument which commemorates the Afrikaans settlers who arrived in 1830.

‘…historical sites…’

Fun and thrills

Other places to venture to include Gold Reef City in Johannesburg which has more than 40 roller coasters and thrill rides, an interactive history of gold mining and a 4D theatre, it’s a place that you definitely don’t want to miss with the family.

There are so many more fun sites and resorts that you need to visit, one of the most famous being Sun City. A beautiful resort with pools, water parks and multitude of restaurants and bars to choose from.

‘…roller coasters and water parks…’

Excitement throughout the year

Throughout the country there is impressive landscapes, beautiful beaches, and a wealth of top-rated accommodations, farmlands and vineyards. South Africa is filled with opportunities for luxurious comfort and thrill-seeking excitement with a climate that remains comfortable throughout the year.  Whether you want to cross vast wildernesses, search for predators in the bushveld or just lounge on the beach, South Africa has it covered.  Other activities include bungee jumping, abseiling, rafting, surfing, canoeing, diving, horse riding, hiking and much, much more!

‘…beaches, accommodation, luxury and so much more…’

Food and drinks

South Africa offers mouth-watering food and thirst-quenching drinks. From Cape Malay curries in Cape Town’s Bo-Kaap to Xhosa dishes in the townships, you won’t be disappointed.  There are many food markets to try farm-fresh goodies.  When visiting don’t be hesitant to try a wine tour where you can experience centuries of stunning estates and wine farms.  Local beers are always worth a sip.  A bunny chow in Durban is a definite not to be missed meal, it’s a creation from Durban consisting of a hollow bread loaf filled with curry.

‘…mouth-watering and thirst quenching…’

With borders open in South Africa, we hope the above sneak preview will make you want to book you trip as soon as possible.

‘…book as soon as possible…’

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What is expected when traveling to South-Africa

Three major airports for international travel

South Africa has re-opened three major airports for international travel. These airports are Cape Town International, OR Tambo in Johannesburg and King Shaka International in Durban.

Expectations upon arrival

This welcome announcement has generated a lot of questions from travelers about the different requirements for traveling to South Africa.  This article answers any grey area questions and explains what you can expect upon arrival.

Adhere to procedures

On arrival in South Africa, all travelers will need to adhere to the following procedures:

  • Present a negative Covid-19 test result not older than 72 hours from time of departure; this includes infants and children.  Covid-19 tests must be from a registered health practitioner or laboratory.
  • Where a traveler has not done a Covid-19 test prior to departure, they will be required to remain in mandatory quarantine at their own cost for the period of ten (10) days.
  • All travelers will be subjected to screening by health officials upon arrival and departure.
  • All travelers detected with symptoms will be required to remain in mandatory quarantine facilities and have a repeat Covid-19 test conducted at their own cost. The approximate cost for a COVID test ranges from R850.00 to R1300.00 per person.
  • Every traveler must have mandatory travel insurance.
  • All travelers must complete a Traveler Health Questionnaire prior to arrival or upon arrival.
  • Beside the health protocols, travelers will still be subjected to other formal border processes. All travelers should wear masks at all times whilst in the controlled airport area and adhere to social distance as part of queue management protocol.
  • Travelers must travel with their accommodation confirmations.
  • Travelers must download the South African COVID Alert App.  The app uses Bluetooth contact-tracing technology to let people know if they have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19. It gives everyone the chance to understand their exposure to the virus.

Depending on the airline used, when departing from South Africa, travelers will require another Covid-19 test taken 48 to 72 hours prior to departure.

According to the World Health Organization guidelines, South Africa is travel ready with the majority of establishments putting strict health and safety measures in place. Travelers can take comfort in the knowledge that the South African tourism industry is reviving, and the safety of tourists is undoubtedly priority number one. Accepting that safety is a shared responsibility, South Africa welcomes back the many pleasure that tourists have missed for so long.


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The V&A Waterfront is first South African attraction awarded with the Safe Travels stamp

Comprehensive measures implemented to safeguard the health of visitors and employees.

The V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa is the first in the country to adopt the World Travel, and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Safe Travels stamp. The Safe Travels stamp is the world’s first-ever global safety and hygiene stamp for Travel and Tourism, designed specifically to address COVID-19 and similar outbreaks.

Applied complete safeguard measures

The extremely popular attraction joins an international list of 80 top travel destinations and 1 200 companies around the world to be awarded the specially designed ‘Safe Travels’ stamp. This means they have applied complete measures to safeguard the health of visitors and employees. The Safe Travels stamp is only awarded once all the health and hygiene protocols have been implemented.

The global protocols were developed in collaboration with the WTTC Members, leading industry associations and international organisations. They consider the current guidelines of the World Health Organization and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. The initiative is also backed by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation.

Rebuild confidence among travellers and tourism sector

The WTTC produced the new global Safe Travel protocols for use by the Travel & Tourism sector as best practice guidelines to help restart and speed up the recovery of the sector in the wake of COVID-19. The aim of the protocols is to rebuild confidence among travellers, and within the tourism sector, so that safe travel can resume once restrictions are eased.

The stamp allows travellers and other travel and tourism stakeholders to recognise destination authorities and companies around the world that have implemented health and hygiene protocols aligned with WTTC’s Safe Travels Protocols.

A future of secure travel

The protocols provide consistency to destination authorities as well as guidance to travel providers, operators and travellers about the new approach to health and hygiene in a post-COVID-19 world. The WTTC ultimately envisions a future of travel which is safe, secure, seamless, and provides an authentic and meaningful experience to the traveller across the journey; one which supports the livelihoods of millions and contributes to sustainable economic growth.

V&A Waterfront CEO David Green said “We’ve noted best practice from all over the world with a view to setting a benchmark, and we will continue to modify these measures as our understanding of the coronavirus evolves. As a member of the WTTC, we have the most up to date information on the most effective, scientifically supported measures available and the V&A will continue to take the lead in implementing them.

Intensified cleaning and sanitising regime

As part of its coronavirus response, the V&A Waterfront has introduced an intensified cleaning and sanitising regime of its public areas, requires visitors to wear masks at all times, and is limiting the number of visitors in its stores. Natural ventilation has been increased where possible, and the V&A is making creative use of its many open spaces to facilitate social distancing.

The V&A Waterfront also uses technology as a means to enable the safe resumption of retail, hospitality and leisure activities, introducing contactless payment for parking, and click and collect drive-through shopping solutions.

We are working with our tenants to ensure strict compliance to the WTTC protocols throughout the V&A Waterfront so that visitors can be assured that it is safe to enjoy the many attractions and leisure activities on offer.  We know that people are concerned for their safety, but are also looking forward to getting out and to start living again. By taking every precaution, the V&A Waterfront will make it possible to do so as safely as possible” concluded Green.

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A weekend away is good for the soul

A weekend away is an inspirational thought. We get to see new places, do new things, eat new food and meet new people but there is more to it.  A weekend away is good for the soul because it frees the soul from any worries it might be suffering from.

Give-away campaign

In this article we share a sneak preview of our upcoming ‘weekend give-away campaign’ plus the reasons why a weekend away is so very good for the soul. To maintain a healthy soul you need to participate in creative and constructive activities. Your soul’s condition is the key to your mental health.

We all have different likings, some like the beach more than the mountains. Some are happy to explore different cities and villages but what matters most is getting away for a weekend. It’s an opportunity to remember the good things in your life.

A weekend away is food for the soul for many reasons, we list some below.

  • You are on the move, this makes you physically and mentally strong, which ultimately makes your soul capable of remaining robust.
  • You are relaxed and calm, this makes you motivated, happy and more fulfilled.
  • You feel relaxed, it’s a perfect time to break away from the dull daily nine to five routines.
  • In a good way, you feel changed, your experience makes you feel more conscious and you see the horizon in a different light.
  • You are eating different foods which sheds light on habits and you look at your life from a new perspective.

weekend away


Research indicates there is evidence to prove that a weekend away can help your mental health and physical well-being.

We live a daily routine life with many things to worry about; work, family, society, even simple things like reading and replying to emails, daily household shopping, laundry, transport and getting enough sleep.

A weekend away will break this because you can get up late, have breakfast slowly, walk around in the morning, relax all day or do some holiday activities and go back on bed at night with a relaxed mind. Participation in leisure activities is known to strengthen brain cells, the connection between the cells and the formation of new nerve cells.

A weekend away unleashes and enhances creativity. Creativity is sensitive to change and adapts to new sounds, smells, tastes and vision allowing you to experience different things that you do not experience at home. If you are dealing with a challenge, you have time to rediscover yourself or maybe just get a chance to clear your head. Sometime you will find a better version of you.

A weekend away boosts confidence because it challenges the brain with new and different experiences and environments, this is important behavior that promotes brain health.  You can fall in love over and over again.

A weekend away is perfect medicine to improve on family relations, it builds bonds and deepens the understandings of each other’s experiences.  This in turn increases communication and kindness.

A weekend away makes you relax and focus; it triggers genetic changes to boost the immune system.  And the very best reason is that you deserve to enjoy a weekend break, just to have fun, be with the people you love, and do simple things that make you feel alive.


Are you feeling inquisitive about our upcoming ‘weekend give-away campaign’ yet?  We are eyeing amazing destinations in the Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt regions as winning weekend getaways for all  Nigerians that are good for the soul. Here are four exciting clues:

  1. An island resort that offers sun, sand and sea! A resort full of surprises, fun activities, lively entertainment and smiling faces with so much more.
  2. A boutique hotel and spa catering resort that provides easy access and a welcoming ambience to refresh, renew, and restore oneself.
  3. A world class luxury prime hospitality centre with an indigenous brand that offers the best in recreation, leisure, relaxation, fitness, conferences and entertainment.
  4. A serene resort with a mix of adventure and idyllic tranquillity with rich natural vegetation and picturesque views to calm the soul.

Do you know?

Do you think you know these delightful destinations in Nigeria?

It’s not often we end an article with a cliff-hanger but this time we wanted to whet your travel appetite and leave you in suspense as we anxiously plan our exciting post lockdown ‘weekend give-away campaign’.

Please keep your eyes open for future articles!

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New Zealand, a tourist’s dream.

Without a doubt, New Zealand with its beauty and warm hospitality is impressive. New Zealand is a tourist’s dream; it’s safe, strikingly scenic, and always ready to welcome travellers. The inspiring golden beaches curl around quiet bays, towering mountains and mist-cloaked fjords.

New Zealand is famous for awesome landscapes, lofty mountain peaks, glaciers and fascinating blue lakes. Let’s have a look at the adventures that await you in New Zealand.

Adventure Sports

Two New Zealanders invented bungee jumping, and there’s no safer place for you to try out different adventure sports to get your heart racing. Whether it’s skydiving in Queenstown and Wanaka or taking a leap of faith off the Kawarau Bridge, New Zealand is well known for its enthusiasm towards adventure sports.

‘…taking a leap of faith…’

Heli Hikes

Picture being dropped off by a helicopter and then hiking through walls of blue ice! This happens at Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier; two of the few places in the world where you see a tropical forest while staring at a glacier.

‘…dropped off by a helicopter…’

Hobbiton and Lord of the Rings

All over New Zealand there are signs indicating where Lord of the Rings was filmed. This is great for Tolkien fans who want to visit Hobbiton! The producers of Lord of the Rings made Hobbiton on a farm in Matamata on the North Island.

‘…visit Hobbiton…’

Huka Falls

The Huka Falls, the country’s top natural attraction is created by the Waikato River dropping 20 metres through a very narrow gorge, only 15 metres wide. Up to 220,000 litres of water drop through the gorge every second and this is what makes Huka Falls so powerful. The water is an extraordinary shade of blue, due to its rich mineral content.

‘…extraordinary shade of blue…’

Geothermal Activity

New Zealand is well-known for its geothermal activity, and Rotorua is the epicentre of it all. Rotorua is the site of the famous Pōhutu Geyser, the largest in the southern hemisphere; it erupts every hour and is known to reach heights of 100 feet. No matter where you go in Rotorua, you’ll see wisps of steam emerging from under the ground. The hot waters of Rotorua are said to have healing properties for joint pains and ailments like rheumatism; people enjoy soaking their feet in the footbaths of Kuirau Park.

‘…wisps of steam emerging from under the ground…’


New Zealand is famous for its gorgeous lakes that offer stunning views!

Lake Matheson is famous for picturesque reflected mirror views of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman. Sunsets and sunrises are gorgeous, they provide natural golden light for the best pictures ever!

Lake Pukaki is famous for its icy blue waters and is especially pretty during lupin season when hundreds of lupins grow on its banks.

Lake Wakatipu, the longest in New Zealand’s is about 80 kilometres and is close to Queenstown. The unusual lightning bolt shape of the lake causes a ‘tide’ or ‘standing wave’, where the waters rise and fall every 25 minutes or so. Local Maori legends say that a huge monster, Matau, lies sleeping at the bottom of the lake and his heartbeat is what causes the tide.

‘…waters rise and fall every 25 minutes or so…’

Lupin Weed

Every year, lupin season brings a rush of beautiful colour to parts of the South Island. They are considered an ‘invasive species’ by the Department of Conservation in New Zealand, but if there’s one stunning weed that New Zealand is famous for, it’s the lupin! The best places to see the lupins in all their glory is Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki!

‘…rush of beautiful colour…’

Maori Culture

Rotorua is the Maori cultural hub of New Zealand. The Mitai Maori Village is an authentic Maori experience that includes the magnificence of the Haka, the Maori war dance. The Haka is also what New Zealand’s rugby team, the All Blacks open every game with.

Get a taste of the famous Hangi, the traditional Maori way of cooking food, especially meats and vegetables, in an underground pit.

‘…witness the magnificence of the Haka…’

National Parks

The pure beauty New Zealand’s National Parks are matchless; especially the wild Abel Tasman Park that borders the Tasman Sea and the glaciers of Mount Cook National Park. The even Mount Taranaki and the Tongariro’s volcanoes, a dual World Heritage site are great climbs. To explore the ice-carved creeks in the Fiordland National Park or hike up to the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lake in the Nelson Lakes National Park is an unforgettable experience.

The parks have enormous waterfalls cascading down into deep green waters. On sunny days, the waters turn mirror-like, reflecting the forests and cliffs, making it a sight to behold!

‘…the waters reflect the forests and cliffs…’

Rugby and the famous All Blacks

You can’t visit New Zealand and not go to a rugby match. The All Blacks are the national team; the world recognizes them as a top international side. You may not get to watch them live but a domestic super rugby game shows you how passionate they are about their national sport.

‘…shows you how passionate they are…’

Southern Lights

Chasing the Northern Lights is a phenomenon that seems to be on every other person’s bucket list. Not many people know that the Northern Lights’ lesser-known cousin, Aurora Australis, popularly called the Southern Lights, are equally magnificent.

‘…equally magnificent…’


The Mackenzie area is a Dark Sky Reserve, the only one in the southern hemisphere. The region has minimal light and air pollution that makes it perfect for stargazing enthusiasts.

New Zealand’s premier observatory, the Mount John Observatory near Lake Tekapo is home to the country’s most powerful telescope, through which 50 million stars can be seen every night if the weather permits.

‘…50 million stars…’

Whale Watching

Giant Sperm Whales are year-round residents; regularly spotted off the coast of Kaikōura, a beautiful, old whaling town, flanked by snow-capped mountains of the Seaward Kaikōura Range on one side and blue water on the other.

‘…flanked by snow-capped mountains…’


New Zealand recently became famous for its superior wines, receiving immense international recognition. In Auckland, the nearby Waiheke Island is home to some of New Zealand’s most famous vineyards. A trip to Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne to taste their exceptional Chardonnay and Pinot Gris is enjoyable. Marlborough is home to Sauvignon Blanc, an outstanding wine that catapulted New Zealand to global stardom.

‘…immense international recognition…’

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Wonderful Wales.

There are many wonderful reasons to visit Wales. If you like castles, then Cardiff, famous for its splendid castle is a good place from where to begin exploring the rest of the country. Cardiff has impressive shopping arcades and many historic buildings, it’s a city with plenty of places to visit and things to do.

As you travel further, you’ll find plenty attractions and sightseeing opportunities; these include more than 400 castles and fortifications, countless gardens, breath-taking scenery, and a network of heritage railways that connect much of the country.

‘…breath-taking scenery…’

Whatever you do in Wales, you can be sure you’ll be in good hands; the Welsh are the most interesting and laid-back people. Let’s learn about some of the top things to do in the wonderful country of Wales.


The Isle of Anglesey is home to various quaint, small fishing villages sprinkled along its more than 100 miles of attractive coastline. With its sandy beaches and landmarks, the island’s mild climate makes it popular for day trippers and campers.

‘…quaint, small fishing villages…’

Bodnant Garden

Bodnant Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens ever created! Tourist attractions of the spectacular gardens are the grand formal terraces, spectacular views across the River Conwy to Snowdonia, and the famous Laburnum Arch. This curved walk of about 50 yards is covered with laburnum, whose abundant, long blossoms cover it in cascades of yellow.

‘…most beautiful gardens ever created…’

Brecon Beacons National Park

Brecon Beacons National Park is one of the most gorgeous parts of Wales. This paradise is bordered by the Black Mountains; the mountains are higher than 1,000 feet, with many in excess of 2,000 feet, and are named after the red sandstone that causes them to resemble the beacons of light once used to warn off invaders. There are many caves and waterfalls to explore; other popular activities include mountain biking, horse riding, canoeing, sailing, fishing, climbing, and camping.

‘…many caves and waterfalls to explore…’

Caernarfon Castle

Built by King Edward I in the 13th century as a seat for the first Prince of Wales, Caernarfon Castle is one of the largest such fortifications in the country. With its 13 towers and two gates, this massive castle is recognized as one of the most impressive and best preserved medieval fortresses in Europe.

‘…most impressive and best preserved medieval fortresses…’

Cardiff Castle & National Museum Cardiff

Cardiff Castle is a must visit! It boast intact sections constructed more than 1,000 years ago. The splendidly preserved castle can take a few hours to explore. Highlights include the State Apartments, distinguished for its informative displays relating to life in the castle over the ages, as well as the attractive old chapel. Other notable features include the well preserved Banqueting Hall with its medieval murals and elaborate fireplace.

‘…splendidly preserved castle…’

Conwy & Conwy Castle

The small town of Conwy offers something for everyone; a superb castle, medieval architecture, and plenty of great shopping. The best views of Conwy Castle are of the 13th century town walls built by King Edward I to keep the Welsh at bay.

‘…plenty of great shopping…’

Devil’s Bridge and the Hafod Estate

Devil’s Bridge is really three bridges amazingly stacked on each other. The oldest dates from the 11th century, and the newest was built in 1901. They span the Rheidol Gorge, where the River Mynach plunges 300 feet into the valley far below.

‘…from the 11th century…’

Hafod Estate is 200 acres of lovingly restored woodlands and 18th century gardens once considered the finest. Tourists enjoy the pleasant hikes along well-marked trails that pass waterfalls and ancient trees.

‘…lovingly restored woodlands…’


Llandudno is the largest seaside resort town in Wales. With views across the Irish Sea, this picture-perfect tourist destination lies between the Welsh mainland and the Great Orme, a peninsula inhabited since the Stone Age. The best views of the town and its surrounds are from the Great Orme, easily accessible by a heritage tramway.

‘…views across the Irish Sea…’

National Slate Museum & the Big Pit

Wales has done a remarkable job of preserving its mining past. Of the many things to do related to this rich history, none can quite match the experience of visiting one of these mines. The captivating National Slate Museum offers an in-depth look at the workings of a 19th century slate quarry, along with accompanying machinery and workshops, including a huge still working waterwheel.

‘…none can quite match the experience of visiting…’

The Big Pit National Coal Museum offers a glimpse into other most mined materials, and the lives of those who worked here. Highlights of a visit include exploring the well-preserved old buildings and homes on the site.

‘…exploring the well-preserved old buildings and homes…’

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Surrounded by water on three sides, Wales has more than its fair share of dramatic coastline. Some of the most imposing are found along the coast of the Pembrokeshire Peninsula, which juts out into the Irish Sea, much of it falling within the boundaries of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. You can explore this magnificent scenery on foot along the dramatic Pembrokeshire Coast National Trail, and find pretty little villages, still partially enclosed by medieval walls.

‘…fair share of dramatic coastline…’

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Llangollen Canal

It took 10 years to design and build the aqueduct that carries the Llangollen Canal across the wide valley of the River Dee in north east Wales. It’s considered a significant feat of civil engineering and is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The 18 arched bridge is built of stone and cast iron, its arches soar 100 feet above the river, and is more than 1,000 feet in length making it the highest aqueduct in the world. A narrow walkway with a railing allows pedestrians to cross the bridge, but it’s more fun to cross it on a canal boat that take tourists on a tree-shaded stretch of the canal from nearby Llangollen Wharf.

‘…the highest aqueduct in the world…’

Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia, the beautiful range of mountains and hills comprise of 14 majestic peaks over 3,000 feet high. Snowdon, the most famous is 3,546 feet and is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Wales. Snowdonia National Park is one of the most popular hiking destinations, boasting more than 1,479 miles of trails. Climbing, mountain biking and horse riding is also popular here. The views from the summit are incredible!

‘…Climbing, mountain biking and horse riding…’

Wales by Rail

Wales was once famous for its mining operations, specifically the mining of slate used for the roofing that is still so common here. While the majority of these mines and quarries have closed, many of the narrow gauge railways used to shift goods, and later, Victorian era tourists around the country have been restored to provide scenic excursions. More than 10 heritage railway lines reach some of the country’s most popular landmarks, including mountains, seaside towns, and castles.

‘…scenic excursions…’


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Bali Island is beautiful.

Bali Island is a small beautiful island that’s part of Indonesia archipelago; it’s the most famous of Indonesian tourism. Bali is an exclusive dream island vacation with many places of interest; these include rice paddies, beautiful panorama, volcanoes, tourism activities and attractions. Bali has beautiful jungles, long sandy beaches, warm blue water, crashing surf and friendly people.

‘…beautiful jungles, long sandy beaches, warm blue water, crashing surf…’

Bali is one of more than 17 000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, but most visitors choose this island as the top tourist attraction in Indonesia. The all year round warm temperatures contribute to the lush picturesque landscapes and peaks. Scenic beaches, rocky cliffs, green rice paddies, stunning waterfalls, mountain lakes, and oceans create the attractive scenery of Bali.

‘…rocky cliffs, green rice paddies, stunning waterfalls, mountain lakes, and oceans…’

Bali is renowned for its diverse arts scene; refined paintings, sculptures, woodcarvings, handcrafts, music and performing arts display the natural artistic talent of Bali’s people. Bali has a unique deep spiritual culture; religious beliefs have a huge influence in daily life.

‘…unique deep spiritual culture…’

The people of Bali are friendly and hospitable; you are met with a smile everywhere you go. Let’s see why Bali is so special; these places, among many, many more will make your dream holiday an unforgettable one.

‘…make your dream holiday an unforgettable one…’

Kuta Beach

This famous stretch of sand, is a hip, happening place in Bali. It’s a fun outing, especially if you’re a beginner surfer or just want to take in the scene. You can rent surfboards, boogie boards, sun loungers, and umbrellas from vendors on the beach. Many cafés and restaurants border the beach; an icy cold coconut juice is a blessing on a hot day.

‘…icy cold coconut juice is a blessing…’

Mount Batur

In the evening, you can trek up the 1700 metre summit of Mount Batur, to watch the sunrise. The sun rising, in mist-shrouded mountains is a feeling of healing to the eyes. The walk, on a clear day has stunning views. You get to enjoy a lovely picnic breakfast with eggs cooked from the steam of the active volcano.

‘…feeling of healing to the eyes…’

Nusa Dua Beach

Waves and sands calm the mind; Nusa Dua Beach helps you escape the urban buzz of Bali. On Nusa Dua Beach, you can sit back on a comfortable sun lounger, and have a drink with your feet snug in the white sands; it is dreamy, peaceful and serene. The beach is popular for walking long distances, swimming, parasailing, surfing, and sunbathing. There’s also a resort spa for some pampering and chic shops at the Bali collection, an open-air shopping mall.

‘…dreamy, peaceful and serene…’

Nusa Islands

The most popular of the three islands is Nusa Lembongan, where you can surf, snorkel, dive, and kayak or paddle board. Attractive activities here, include lovely Dream Beach, Mushroom Bay and Devil’s Tears with views of crashing surf erupting over the rocks. The neighbouring island, Nusa Ceningan, is just over a bridge from Nusa Lembongan, with an attractive blue lagoon. The largest of the island trio, Nusa Penida, boasts rock formations, caves, diving and the chance to learn about manta rays, sunfish, and turtles.

‘…manta rays, sunfish, and turtles…’

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple is the most remarkable temple in entire Bali. The temple reflects on a lake, and when the water rises, it floats on the surface. At the entrance, a Buddhist stupa is on the left in the first courtyard. The figures of Buddha mediate in the lotus position on the square base; it reflects the embracing of the Buddhist beliefs.

‘…it floats on the surface…’

Sekumpul Waterfall

The Sekumpul Waterfall is considered by many to be Bali’s most beautiful falls. The waterfall is a series of about seven falls, cascading like long misty veils over the edge of a lush, jungle-clad cliff. The trip passes rice terraces and native villages rimmed with rambutan and durian trees, and continues through the dense tropical jungle. Once you arrive, you’ll be able to cool off with a refreshing swim at the bottom of the falls. This is an excellent adventure for nature lovers who want a taste of untamed Bali.

‘…cascading like long misty veils over the edge…’

Seminyak Shopping

Bali isn’t just famous for its temples and beaches; it is also very popular for its designers and wonderful shopping. Seminyak is the home of Bali’s best art galleries and restaurants. At Seminyak you can buy designer dresses, swimwear, surf gear, jewellery, home ware and furniture!

‘…designers and wonderful shopping…’

Sidemen Valley

The emerald-hued Sidemen Valley evokes the feel of Old Bali, before tourists visited the island. Sleepy villages snuggle in the valley among cascading rice terraces, and cloud-capped Mount Agung looms in the background. The high point of visiting the Sidemen Valley is to stroll through the small villages among the rice paddies and farmlands. You can hike through the countryside to the summit of Mount Agung or walk through the rice fields in countryside passing cocoa and plantations. Other popular activities include river rafting, yoga retreats, and cultural dancing, carving, or traditional weaving.

‘…hike through the countryside to the summit of Mount Agung…’

Tegallalang and Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

The Tegallalang and Jatiluwih rice terraces in Bali are iconic landscapes. The picturesque Tegallalang and Jatiluwih rice terraces are best enjoyed while relaxing at the restaurants and cafes overlooking the rice fields, or you can walk around and simply absorb this timeless beauty of nature.

‘…iconic landscapes…’

Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple or Pure Tirta Empul is a magnificent temple surrounded by lush tropical forests; it is historical and shares examples of the sacred purification ritual since AD960. The entire temple complex is a national cultural heritage site. It is divided into three courtyards. The pivotal point is the large rectangular pool; the water comes from a holy mountain spring where the locals pray and soak in the healing water.

‘…water comes from a holy mountain spring…’

Ubud Monkey Forest

Recognized as the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, the Monkey Forest is a must visit in Bali. This place is perfect for photographers and animal lovers. The peaceful living between animals and humans is enchanting. The forest is home to many rare plants and grey long-tailed entertaining macaques in the jungle. The paved walkways pass thick forests of nutmeg and banyan trees. There’s also ancient temples and statues covered with moss.

‘…peaceful living between animals and humans…’

Uluwatu Temple

Set magnificently on the sea cliff tops, Uluwatu Temple or Pura Luhur Uluwatu is another famous temple of the island. There is a scenic pathway to the entrance of the temple with breath-taking views. The best time to visit is during sunset when the sky and sea glow with the golden hues of the sun. In this beautiful setting, the sunset Kecak dance performance will make your day.

‘…the sky and sea glow with the golden hues of the sun…’


In the heart of Kuta, is an action-packed water park, named Waterbom Bali. This place has everything to offer irrespective of age; it’s a perfect family place. Children can swim, zoom in the twister water slides and rides, and drift down the Lazy River. Adults can relax in reflexology sessions, fish spa therapies, manicures, or pedicures. You can wakeboard, kneeboard or water-ski. There are many restaurants and cafes with a variety of food; the grounds are filled with large shady trees and pretty tropical gardens.

‘…large shady trees and pretty tropical gardens…’

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