A 100% AMAZING experience

Well… the experience has been a 100%. From the reception to the time of departure, my family has enjoyed and had so much fun during our stay at the Lagoon Beach apartment.

My manager was welcoming and friendly. The tours were fantastic and Cape Town is one of the best cities I’ve visited in awhile. Lagoon Beach Apartments is in one word “AMAZING”. I fell in love with the Construction and interior almost immediately. The design is perfect. The beach made it so perfect!

Housekeeping was also great. The cleaners were friendly, prompt, and delighted in their work. Lagoon Beach is the best! 100% Hospitality! 100% Holiday experience! Thank you very much!

– Adebayo Oluwafemi

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A couple had a wonderful time in Cape Town

“This will remain a very memorable experience for us. A big thank you to VIP Express Tourism Limited and their members of staff. We will gladly offer recommendations on their behalf. Thank you.”

 – Mr. & Mrs. Njoku

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Come see how marvellous it is in Cape Town.

I’m Mr Pius Obojade, I’m visiting Cape Town. I’m now in Lagoon Beach. I’ve enjoyed the past four weeks here, we have more two weeks to be here also. We have enjoyed the environment, the guest house is all right and VIP Express are good, they do a very good job so I recommend them for customers. I’ve been to the top of Table Mountain and to the Waterfront. Come see how marvellous it is to enjoy Cape Town.

The Obojade Family.

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