Weekend getaway destinations

We recently provided you with four clues and asked if you knew which wonderful weekend getaway destinations we had our eye on as part of our ‘weekend give-away campaign’.  These destinations, in no specific order, caught our eye as being definite away from home ‘weekend soul food’ in Nigeria.

Family weekend

In Lagos, we selected Inagbe Grand Resort and Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort.

Inagbe Grand Resort is full of surprises, fun activities and lively entertainment.  The smiling faces, sun, sand and sea are sure to make your weekend splendid.  Inagbe Grand Resort is an excellent choice for rest and rejuvenation.  The rooms include a refrigerator, air conditioning, and a desk for comfort and convenience.  Room service is one of the conveniences offered at the small resort and there is a pool and a lounge that helps to make your stay even more special. The family style accommodation has all the amenities needed to make your visit one worth remembering.  These include Wi-Fi, a gym, the beach, bicycle rental, babysitting, air conditioning, fireplace, flat screen TV, bath, shower ad complimentary toiletries.

Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort provides a welcoming ambience to refresh, renew, and restore oneself. The cosmetics brand Clear Essence has expanded their horizons into the hospitality industry providing the African community with an exclusive five star experience. Their philosophy is to be more than a spa or resort and to focus on exclusivity, care, pampering and outstanding service. Upon entering the property, guests are enveloped into a stylish, chic atmosphere, embellished by highly trained and specialized staff. The resort transports guests into a place far away from stresses of busy Lagos life.


The Dome is our choice for the Abuja region. Everyone seems to fall in love with The Dome, it’s Nigeria’s iconic prime entertainment and hospitality centre.  It is a Proudly Nigerian private initiative created as an indigenous brand to offer you options for dining, relaxation, fitness, business meetings and entertainment. The Dome, which first began operations in 2005 has been reloaded and repackaged to be a world class luxury destination for recreation, leisure and conferencing.

Port Harcourt

In Port Harcourt we chose Obudu Cattle Ranch, one of Africa’s finest and most interesting and spectacular tourist destinations. Obudu Cattle Ranch is a mixture of adventure and idyllic tranquillity.  The ranch offers rich natural vegetation and a picturesque views and has numerous pleasant, beautiful mountain-areas and country-side views.  All this is in a well preserved calm and serene environment.

The excitement of our ‘weekend give-away campaign’ is finalised, keep a watchful eye out on our pages for details on how you can participate.  We hope your participation is as high as our enthusiasm!

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