We welcome 2020!

Happy 2020 to you and your loved ones.  We hope your year is filled with love, laughter, happiness, fireworks, parades and amazing holiday escapades.

Now that the New Year is here we are confident that you have mapped out your goals.  The New Year is an opportunity to learn from the prior year and make positive changes in life; we hope you stick to your resolutions and goals to improve your life and plans for 2020.


Among your goals, we are hope you included the need to book early for your holidays in 2020, even if it’s for December. If you haven’t we encourage you to book soon because booking your holiday early provides many benefits and choices for travellers.


It’s good to have your holiday booked in advance and have something to look forward to. It takes away the stress of worrying that you might not find a holiday at the last minute; this is specifically relevant to Cape Town, South Africa which is extremely popular and gets fully booked early in the year.

If you book early, you’ll have time to motivate yourself to save up extra spending money. This means that you could potentially save up a nice amount and take your trip to the next level, such as enjoying more excursions and experiences.  Another benefit of booking your holiday early is that you’ll have plenty of time to get organised with other tasks such as getting someone to look after pets, your home or other things that might hold you back from travelling.


During peak season it is extremely busy because most people go on holiday. This greatly increases the demand that tour companies and hotels receive, meaning the later you leave your bookings, the less choice of the best accommodation and package holidays you’ll have. Avoid missing out on first choices, you should start planning and booking as early as possible.

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Do you know about our Tailor Made Packages?  Contact us with your top five dream destinations and let us quote on them. Our Tailor Made Packages gives you something to look forward to and allows you time for research; as a result you can spend more time planning what you want to do once you arrive.

Have a wonderful 2020!

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