We love to Travel.

We’re often ask ‘why do people travel?’ The reply is simple ‘they love it!’ and so do we!

We enjoy slow and peaceful breakfasts, long walks, new experiences, places, people and making memories. We love to travel because it’s good for the body and mind! Travel enhances your creativity, your sense of happiness and satisfaction.

‘…enhances your creativity…’

Your creativity is enhanced when you travel; travel takes you out of your comfort zone, everything seems fresh and new. You see new landscapes and experience vivid colours. You hear new music, unknown languages, smell and taste new food. You learn how to hold chopsticks, bargain at markets and find your way around strange places.

‘…music, language and food…’

You learn new ways of life, new cultures, and may find new friends and expand your real-life social network. This makes you interesting; back home, everyone will want to hear about your adventures, new friends and new words you’ve learnt.

‘…expand your social network…’

When you travel you discover new music types, spices and recipes to create exotic meals for your friends when you return.  Your extraordinary dish with the spices you bought will fill your home with the aroma of incense.

‘…spices and recipes…’

When you travel you make personal memories; take pictures of happy faces and funny moments, those of you all cheerful and filled with energy! These cherished memories are precious stories you can tell your children or grandchildren one day!

‘…filled with energy…’

Have fun when you travel or sleep late and have naps whenever you want. Eat delicious food as often as you feel hungry. Go outdoors to get some sun and fresh air. Laugh and share laughter on your journey, a good laugh heals a lot.

‘…sun and fresh air…’

Travelling is great for your health, choose your dream destination, contact us to make all the arrangements, and then pack your bags, adventure is waiting for you!

‘…adventure is waiting…’

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Choices cannot change history, but they can dramatically influence our life’s journey.

All the choices we make in life are mere stepping stones that shape our destiny. Choices cannot change history, but they can dramatically influence our life’s journey.

We all know that stress is part of our current lifestyle and we must implement our own stress relievers. What better stress relief can we ask for than a quality, hassle free holiday at a stunning resort?

You can now guarantee a holiday for you and your loved ones for the next five years (six years for Diamond Membership) with an option to extend after the expiry date.

Club Elite – What a smart choice
There is no doubt that Club Elite will have a huge impact on your life.

Not only does Club Elite Membership afford you the luxury and peace of mind of an inflation-proof holiday each year but provides you with an incredible business opportunity.

The traditional close family has long been recognized as the foundation of a healthy and flourishing society. Keeping this family life healthy and balanced puts a lot of strain on the breadwinner.
The breadwinner’s priority is therefore to ensure the happiness and security of his family, to construct a strong moral foundation on which to build a balanced and certain future.
This platform will ensure that the family never have to compromise their hopes and dreams. Often the joy of that responsibility is taken away, because of financial constraints and limitations.
Financial instability can undermine the strength and stability of family life; the very core of a healthy family. We all have a purpose in life, determined by our position in the family structure.
Create your memories
Holidays are one of the most important happenings in our family lives. Now you can provide your family with holiday memories they will treasure for a lifetime. You can now experience brilliant quality holidays with your new-found luxury, ‘VIP Express Tourism Limited’.
Expand your boundaries Make that special international dream holiday come to life.
Give your life new direction
Reinvent your financial future by earning in the information age with the active referral program.

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