“A wonderful time at Lagoon Beach” – Cape Town, South Africa

We want to say thank you for the opportunity to travel on holiday through your platform. We did have a wonderful time at Lagoon Beach Apartment and the ambience was good, though it was not our first time in SA but the accommodation was our best so far. The Manager was also helpful and the cleaners did a good in regularly cleaning and their friendliness.

– Atere Victor

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“The arrangement was superb.” – Cape Town, South Africa

Our trip to Capetown was great and memorable. Kudos to VIP express teams and the Sims representative in Capetown. The arrangement was superb and the Lagoon Beach resort chosen is exquisite and particularly it’s location at the end of Africa continental boundary with Indian Ocean is memorable. We appreciate the tireless efforts of Ruth in Lagos for the superb arrangement. Thank you VIP express.

– Oluwafemi Iyiola Alabi

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Favourite tourist spots nearby amazing Lagoon Beach Apartments.

While enjoying amazing accommodation at Lagoon Beach Apartments you are nearby various enjoyable attractions. Lagoon Beach Apartments is located 18km from Cape Town International Airport and offers magnificent views over the Atlantic Ocean while on the lovely Lagoon Beach.

Cape Winelands, Robben Island, Table Mountain and the V&A Waterfront are favourite tourist spots to visit while staying at Lagoon Beach Apartments.

Cape Winelands

Cape Winelands, 11km from Lagoon Beach is known for producing award-winning quality wine. The wine region is one of the best in the world; many visitors travel to Cape Town to explore and taste familiar wine brands. Wine connoisseurs are keen to try out signature varieties and experience the natural beauty of the wine lands.

‘…one of the best in the world…’

Robben Island

Via ferry, Robben Island is 26.1km from Lagoon Beach. After your ferry trip to the Island your prison tour continues on a bus. The Island’s multi-layered 500-year-old history includes the Lime Quarry, Robert Sobukwe’s house, the Bluestone quarry, the army and navy bunkers and the Maximum Security Prison where thousands of South Africa’s freedom fighters were incarcerated for years. The tour culminates with a viewing of Nelson Mandela’s cell.

‘…thousands of freedom fighters…’

Table Mountain

Whether it is covered in a blanket of moody clouds or showing off against a crisp cloudless blue sky, Table Mountain, 15.3km from Lagoon Beach is always spectacular. Table Mountain, home to the richest, yet smallest floral kingdom on earth, was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2011.

‘…always spectacular…’

The easiest option for getting up the mountain is the cableway, which has attracted a whopping 24million visitors since it first opened in 1929. Significantly revamped in 1997, the cable-cars now carry up to 65 passengers per trip. The journey up the mountain takes about five minutes and the cable cars rotate through 360 degrees during the trip, giving remarkable views of the mountain below.


While the cableway is convenient and fun, you’ll get a richer experience by hiking up or down using one of the popular routes. The cableway station at the top of the mountain has a curio shop, a shop where you can stock up on snacks, and a restaurant. If you take the cableway up the mountain, but still want to do a little walking, there are easy walks available.

‘…most popular…’

V&A Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront flawlessly joins ocean vistas with mountain views, fresh sea breezes with the warm African sun into a cosmopolitan and vibrant atmosphere. 9.2km from Lagoon Beach the V&A Waterfront, a hub of activity any time of the year is one of Africa’s most visited destinations. It is situated in the oldest working harbour in the southern hemisphere, with the iconic Table Mountain as its backdrop.

‘…Africa’s most visited destinations…’

More than 80 restaurants bring a fusion of international food, from rustic al fresco fish and chips to starched table-cloth cuisine. It also offers 12 hotels, over 500 retail options, seven museums, live entertainment and a variety of leisure options ranging from yachts, helicopters to penguin encounters at the Two Oceans Aquarium.  Along with 22 heritage sites and tourism landmarks, the V&A Waterfront also includes the recently opened Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa that hosts the world’s largest collection of contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora.

‘…from yachts, helicopters to penguins…’

For a lifetime experience while visiting Cape Town, South Africa, book your stay at Lagoon Beach Apartments.

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