What you need to know to travel to Tanzania

What you need to know to travel to Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful countries and sees visitors from all over Africa year in and year out. If you are considering travelling to Tanzania from Nigeria, here is a quick useful read for you.

  • It only takes approximately 5 hours and 55 minutes to travel from Abuja to Dar Es Salaam. This makes it the ideal holiday destination for a quick break, because you don’t have to give so much time up for travelling.
  • You can apply for and receive your visa to enter Tanzania at the border, and it will be valid for 90 days. As long as you bring all the right documentation, your visa will be attained without hassle.
  • Tanzania doesn’t see as many tourists during March as it does later on in the year. Many people travel to Tanzania to see the Great Wildebeest Migration, which starts around June. This means that March is ideal for a quiet and relaxing family holiday.
  • Tanzania’s stunning biodiversity makes it one of the most popular destinations for nature enthusiasts from all around the world. From coastal scenes and marine life to savanna woodlands and montane forests, you can be sure to see almost any form of wildlife.

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Booking your trip to Tanzania is easy especially if you can get your accommodation, flight tickets and transfer costs in a package. View our current holiday specials to Tanzania- your adventure is just around the corner.

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