Giving Nigerian Gifts with Heartfelt Feelings

As we enter this holiday season, it makes sense to pause for a moment and think about the gifts we want to share at the end of the year.

The most important purpose of giving a gift is appreciation; we give people gifts to show that we are grateful for them and the value they play in our lives.

There is a common fallacy that the bigger, more valuable the gift, the more it expresses our appreciation. This is so untrue; there is no greater way to acknowledge others than to be thankful for them just as they are. The smallest gift can tell people how great they are to you.

We’d like to suggest some unforgettable gifts from Nigeria in the price range of $25 to $100; you can add a lovely handwritten note to your gifts that cost nothing but makes a person feel loved.  Your note should mention why you appreciate them; not for what they do for you, not for what they help you accomplish and not even for what they accomplish themselves. Just a note thanking them for being who they are.

Gifts under $25

1.    Custom jewellery Nigerian map bracelet created from a 1937 map.

Handmade Nigerian flag Christmas ornaments or door knob hangers.

2.    Handmade Nigerian flag Christmas ornaments or door knob hangers.

3.    Nigerian watercolour paint map illustrated posters.

4.    School magnetic goat bookmarks with Nigerian Dwarf imprint.

5.    Nigerian custom quality metal street signs.

Gifts under $50

Smart Nigerian flag cufflinks.

1.    Smart Nigerian flag cufflinks.

Soothing joyful Nigerian aquamarine necklaces

2.    Soothing joyful Nigerian aquamarine necklaces.

3.    Handmade mink Nigerian baby security blankets.

4.    African Nigerian carefree handmade pillows.

5.    Cool Nigerian soccer ball dabbling girl funny unisex T-shirts.





Gifts under $100

1.    Nigerian crystal green and white ball shaped designer bead necklace, bracelet and earrings.

2.    Charming Nigerian 10 row red coral necklace beads.

3.    Nigerian Ibeji Yoruba male and female twin statues.

4.    Nigerian mancala board game.

Nigerian mancala board game

5.    Unisex Nigerian kente sweatshirts.








You will find perfect gift shops in Nigeria to shop for traditional souvenirs.  Gift shops are normally found in areas visited by many tourists. Treat your loved ones to a gift of appreciation. These shops primarily sell souvenirs relating to the multitude of handmade Nigerian crafts or goods. Other items sold include coffee mugs, stuffed animals, postcards, and many more handmade souvenirs.

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