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Referral Marketing

With VIP Express Tourism Limited you have the added advantage of earning a secondary residual income by referring other members in your circle of influence to join VIP Express Tourism Limited. They will then also be able to benefit from the fantastic vacation accommodation services.

So how do I do it and why is it so powerful?

Study after study has proven that referral marketing is one of the best forms of marketing when it comes to sales and conversions. Simply put, referral marketing, sometimes also called word-of-mouth marketing, is just people purchasing products based on someone else's opinion or influence. It's a powerful marketing channel because people trust the opinions of other people in their lives and people they respect, whether that be family, friends, social media influencers or big stars.

Earning a secondary residual income with VIP Express

Be rewarded for Word of Mouth marketing

Support from VIP Express Tourism Limited
Holiday Referral Program

  1. As a VIP Express Tourism Limited member you have the benefit of participating in our active referral program once all documentation has been completed and a full deposit paid.
  2. You will now be rewarded for word of mouth marketing in VIP Express Tourism Limited according to our matrix.
    Click here to read the Matrix Rules.
  3. There will be ongoing host training to assist you to grow your business.
  4. You will receive regular updates of all new growth in your business as well as new holiday options via e-mail.