Experience nature in Kenya!

Mr. & Mrs. Onyebigwu had a wonderful holiday experience in Kenya at Mnarani Club & Spa where they enjoyed the nature and it’s beauty.

Since we’ve been here, we visited Kalifi Town on a tour which we enjoyed.  The Kalifi ruins had good moments.  We also had nature walk which we really enjoyed.

Mombasa is something we will live to remember.  We went on a ferry tour which was very enjoyable. We stopped at Fort Jesus where the fascinating history was shared with us how it became a museum.


We also stopped at Haller Park where we could see animals at close range.

This trip to Kenya was about having interaction with nature. Where we come from everything is artificial and now we could just enjoying nature.

Highlight is being in close range with nature even in the city and Kalifi town.  You see so many trees everywhere and we enjoyed walking on the beach.

We rate the staff extremely high, they are always willing to assist.  They are wonderful, every one of them; they are always smiling and not complaining. The food was always fresh and from the environment made special.

The accommodation is wonderful, always clean with fresh flowers happily prepared by the staff. VIP Express Tourism Limited live up to their promise, before we embarked on our journey they looked after all logistics and all the trip it’s like that.  What they say it is ‘it is’ kudos to them.

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