‘Is Travelling an Art?’

Do we go on holiday mostly because we feel exhausted by our jobs, mundane chores, and a longing to change our surroundings? Or maybe to finally visit that country you’ve been wanting to for years? We spend time deciding where we should go and what we enjoy.

Why do we travel?

We enjoy the thoughts of visiting enchanted places that offer life’s pleasures.  We know we are special and deserve the excitement of being in a glorious destination we’ve dreamt about seeing. We like the idea of making new friends and being welcomed in lovely hotels where there are chocolates on the pillows at night and artfully moulded toiletries in the bathrooms.

Very seldom do we ask, ‘what are we looking for; or do we perhaps have a wish to get away from ourselves?’  The moment our holiday begins so does the awesome art of travelling.  During our leisure time when we have nothing to do, we realise that our luggage in not the only baggage we are carrying.  Our deeper thoughts that we pushed to the back of our minds break through and we realise life is not much to complain about.

What does traveling really offer?

The art of travelling opens our eyes to the littlest wonders around us;  we notice when a wall is newly painted, we realise that thousands of people are working flat out to make sure thousands of tourists are entertained, are able to eat and their every whim is attended to.  We realise hundreds of locals make those carved chocolates we take for granted on or pillows a night.

The art of travelling is simply being able to get away from your negative thoughts. As at home, every city has traffic jams, crowds and fast food outlets; because you are relaxed with only your thoughts to contend with it’s not so bad. You can capture this moment forever if you fill a jar with seawater and occasionally lift the lid to return to the smell of the reminiscent seas you enjoyed so much.

Feeling sublime

Taking in all the different subjects of travel arouses us to feel sublime; this is a feeling of being very small and powerless in front of something very large and powerful.  The sense of being powerless is actually a very important one that we should try and get in touch with because it restores our perspective of trying to find out where we stand in the world, what matters and what may not.

Travel gives us the feeling we get when our plane surges above the clouds; we can see our problems as they must appear to the hawks and the birds looking down at the earth from above.  This art of travel can make us feel small in a rather good way; usually feeling small is a bit of a humiliating experience; let’s say you’re treated roughly in an office but can look down at the earth at the tiny houses and cars, that’s when we realize that we’re all subject to necessities greater than we are and that we’re all basically just specks of dust. That’s rather a nice feeling to have sometimes!

Do we travel for the beauty?

One of the reasons we travel is to see beautiful things but coming home can be sad.  The realization that beauty is fugitive is frequently found in places to which we may never return, and which will gradually fade from our memory.  To hold on to your memories, use the standard solution of taking photographs of every memory; that way could we retain durable memories of the beautiful things we see in modern artful tourism.

A traveller’s attitude

There’s a deeper reason for the gloom that can descend on arriving back home than the fear that we might forget the things we’ve seen.  We forget that there might be another way of looking at where we come from the way a traveller might; perhaps it doesn’t really matter where we choose to go in the end right or the pleasure, we derive from journeys will always depend more on the outlook with which we travel than the places we travel to. There’s such a thing as a traveller’s attitude, an attitude of curiosity and receptivity to whatever catches our imagination. Armed with such an attitude we find the most promising destinations exciting and can experience virtually any destination fulfilling and memorable.

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