Take some time off to Travel.

Hans Christian Anderson, famous for writing influential fairy tales said, “To travel is to live.”

We agree and are sure it’s rare to meet anyone who disagrees. To travel is to live, for boundless reasons.  Travelling reminds you of the immensity of the diversity of the world we live in and of the common humanity we share.

To leave the comfort zone of your daily life is something powerful.  It opens your eyes to the differences in how other towns, cities and countries live; some of them tiny, others enormous.

Travelling can slow time down; it can teach you to appreciate what you have, while learning about what’s important to others. To travel teaches you to communicate in other ways, other ways to relax and other ways to live.

Friendliness often outdoes barriers . . . 

When travelling, free from the restrictions of work and routine, you will find yourself more open, and more willing to seek out the advice and help of others, whether they be locals or fellow travellers.  Friendliness often outdoes barriers such as language, and the friendships you can strike up may surprise you in their strength or how long they last.

We realise that you can’t dump your regular lifestyle to travel but we strongly recommend taking advantage of travelling whenever you can.  You will become a smarter, stronger and confident person!

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