The Tourism Organization of the Year 2013

On the 18th February 2014 an awards evening was held and hosted by the CTAA (Capital Territory Advancement Award), aimed at recognizing notable individuals and organizations who have contributed to the advancement of the federal capital territory, being Abuja to a mega ediface that can be likened to major developed cities throughout the world.

VIP Express was nominated and won the award for the second year in a row for BEST TOURISM ORGANISATION OF THE YEAR 2013 as well as the award for CTAA 2013 CHAMPION HONOUR – Organisation with the highest overwhelming votes.

The evening at the International Conference Center in Abuja was an incredible experience were we had the privilege to meet other exceptional individuals. Among them was Ayo Richard Makun, a multi-talented, multi-award winning Standup comedian and one of the most successful comic acts in Nigeria.

Rachael Edjeren who has the title of “TV Personality of the Year”, Savahna Nightingale, a BBC Presenter, and Derick Akakabota, the Predisent of Newaves Innovation were also present.

Capital Territory Advancement Award
Article appeared in THIS DAY on 2014/02/23
VIP Express Tourism Limited
Article appeared in VANGUARD on 2014/02/26
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