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Terms & Conditions

Win back your money

    1. The competition starts on 22 June 2016 and ends 22 July 2018.
    2. Only members that joined VIP Express Tourism Ltd. from 22 June 2016 are entered into the draw.
    3. The winner will be chosen by random selection done electronically.
    4. Only members who completely meet the following requirements will be entered into the competition:
      • The deposit must be paid on the day of purchase, and must clear.
      • 6 postdated cheques or a debit order must be submitted the night of registration.
      • All postdated cheques must be Nuban compliant and valid for clearing.
      • Payments must take place in accordance with the payment schedule of the Agreement.
      • Full payment for holiday accommodation must be received within 6 months.
      • Members who purchase on a 100% deposit, will be entered immediately.
    5. Should any one of the instalments not clear the member will not be eligable to be entered into the draw.
    6. The winning cash amount is subject to the member's level of purchase and the price of the holiday accommodation.
    7. A new winner will be announced every 6 months over 4 periods resulting in 4 winners in total.
    8. The 4 periods will be as follows: 22 June 2016 – December 2016, January 2017 – June 2017, July 2017 – December 2017, January 2018 – 22 June 2018.
    9. Each entry will go into the draw of the period in which your last instalment is due.
      In eg. if a member joined in August 2016, he/she will be in the lucky draw for the next period (Jan 2017 – June 2017).
    10. Members will be automatically entered into this competition after meeting the above mentioned criteria above.